Did You Really Win That Argument?

So as everyone was giving something up for Lent I thought long and hard and decided that as sheltered as my life can get being an Autistic household that I really wasn’t willing to part with anything I do enjoy and that I would give up something negative instead. So I gave up arguing. It turned out to be a bigger blessing than I ever imagined.
I have really sat back and analyzed certain situations that would previously cause me to entertain an argument and think about it a little more than I would have before giving it up. As I witness the invitations to arguments (trust me they still come) I cant help but think that most arguments are absolutely pointless. What is there to gain? Would harsh mean words or hurt feelings make me feel better at the end of the argument? Would all the negative energy from that argument bring any good to my day? Is it really that important to change someone’s mind to make them see my point? The price is just to high anymore. I am no longer willing to pay it.
We wonder what is wrong with society these days and we fail to realize that we are what’s wrong. All of us. We are all guilty in some way. Our children are looking to us to teach them what kind of adults they should be. We are heroes to them. They want to be like us. Time after time we allow them to see the ugly side of ourselves. Whether it be a harsh word to a fast food server for getting our order wrong or cursing at the person who cut us off in traffic. We wonder why this generation has taken such a wrong turn in life yet we fail to see that we are the ones little by little teaching them that its ok to disrespect someone or speak harsh words to or about them as long as we ourselves feel that we were somehow wronged in a situation.
Well its not ok and each and every one of us including myself are guilty of this destruction of our society. We no longer lift each other up we constantly break each other down.
Giving up arguing is something I would highly recommend to everyone. It has really simplified my life. Its allowed me to actually enjoy a little more of my life everyday. Instead of participating in anyone’s arguments I simply walk away and do the dishes or scrub a toilet as I have found it to just as enjoyable.
I challenge you to try it as you receive the next invitation to an argument!

3 thoughts on “Did You Really Win That Argument?

  1. Really powerful and totally made me stop and think about my day to day anxiety. I am going to try this on a day to day basis. It certainly can’t hurt anything! Great piece of advive!

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