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I Trick My Kids Into Drinking Veggies

My son won’t eat anything green. I’m also not the mom who forces my kids to eat anything. However I still manage to get them to have a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables daily by just making them what they call a treat and I call Mom’s Secret Weapon Smoothie.


I keep the Fruit frozen and find that its less likely to go bad and that I don’t need to add any ice. I start off with the frozen fruit on the bottom and start to layer up to the veggies. I give the carrots, apples, cucumbers (anything crunchy) a chop before I toss them in. I put my leafy greens such as Kale and Spinach on the top. I use a vast array of different liquid such as OJ one day and the following day I might use a Coconut Water. After the initial blending I can add more fruit to add a sweeter taste or a little more color.


I put it in a cup with a lid and straw for the kids. Then try to pair it off with some Cheez its, Pretzels, or Popcorn. So at dinner or lunch if they don’t finish their plates or don’t have an adequate appetite for the day I don’t stress about them not getting the proper nutrition they need because they drank it at some point during their day.


Even I enjoy them

Sour Cream

Moms : Did you ever read the series of books If you give a mouse a cookie? There are several others in it.

I swear I could write one about myself and call it : If you give me the debit card.

If you give me the debit card I just need some sour cream.

Then while I’m buying it I’ll notice I need some sausage to. That’s when I’m going to remember that they sell those frozen burritos our son likes here. Now I might as well stroll down the fruit and veggie aisle since we love those healthy smoothies now. Oh look there’s also snack the kids will enjoy & milk cause we can never have enough milk. Now darn it do I have eggs?

Now since I’m out I should stop at Wal-Mart and make a payment as it’s the last credit card I owe anything to. Since I need to go through a checkout as it’s faster I might as well grab a few paints since the canvas I ordered the kids arrived today. Now that I have the paints I am so close to my few favorite aisles in this store that are right there where I can see them and before I even know it ¬†my cart just auto pilots to them. Now this candle holder just practically jumped right into my cart because it so perfectly matches a room in my house. Oh wow I’m one aisle away from the curtains I promised my daughter I would buy her and they are in stock. Well might as well walk down this rug aisle because I stepped on a cold spot starting my coffee this morning and ooh there’s a clearance. Coffee oh ya I need coffee creamer because let’s face it I’m standing in the only store that sells my favorite kind. Now if I just go up two aisles I could see if I find that perfect thing to help me be more organized for the one million mom things I do that all require me to read, sign, and fill something out. Great now what am I going to grab for when the kids ask “Did you get me anything?” Ok this cart is getting hard to push now and I’m getting frustrated and just remembered that there is sour cream in the car, my back door is frozen shut so that triggers my brain that it’s cold enough to just let me see if any of those kitchen containers I like are actually in because you can never have enough kitchen containers. Ok to the register we go after grabbing 3 containers because I couldn’t remember what size I needed and seriously who could have enough kitchen containers? Check out let’s just get through the checkout. Great Every aisle is full it’s now 3pm I’m the only one to carry all this stuff in the house and put it away before the kids burst through the door so full of energy both shoving papers that need to be signed at me. It’s then I remember I still have to cook the dinner I went to the store to get the sour cream for.

Hmmmm……. I wonder if this kid is gonna notice I put cream cheese on her tacos or can I make a mock sour cream?