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My Shark Encounter

As a busy stay at home mom who really enjoys my regular household chores I noticed the only thing I wasn’t taking pride in were my floors. It seemed no matter how many times I would vacuum they always still felt and looked dirty to me. After reading a bunch of reviews on high priced vacuum cleaners I made the decision that it was time to quit buying a new cheap vacuum every year and instead invest more into a vacuum cleaner.

I went against all the reviews I read and purchased a Shark Rotator.

Right away I noticed the difference and was very pleased with my choice. Being able to visually see the difference in not just my carpets but my bare floors as well I felt like I had made a great choice. It made me happy to grab the vacuum daily and clean. The rotator honestly made it much quicker to do than any previous vacuum I had ever owned.

Then one day I noticed that my vacuum wasn’t working as it previously had. Since I go out of my way to take great care of everything I own I naturally went over every inch of my Shark to figure out what exactly the problem was. Once I found it I knew it was not a problem that I created. I was aware that my store return window had ended and thought I should reach out to the company itself.

When I sent the first email I quickly got a response. I was able to work with someone from the company and found that they were very sympathetic about the issue. I was very happy to find that this company really stood behind their product and we began a return process. I was sent a new vacuum cleaner right away. They were so genuine that they wanted to know what was causing the issue and they took the original purchase back to find out why this happened and to prevent it from happening to future models.

I was sent a different model Shark Rotator and I was even more impressed with this vacuum cleaner than I was with my original purchasing of it. Before writing this I cleaned every inch of every room in my home and the furniture as well. This vacuum cleaner does not disappoint. I was able to quickly attach all the attachments and to use it on all my many different texture carpets and bare floors with very pleasant results well as so much ease.

I would highly recommend the Shark Rotator to all of my friends and family for their next vacuum purchase. I’ve been through many vacuum cleaners in my lifetime and to date Shark Rotator is the best one I’ve ever used.

Father’s Day 2015

We are quickly approaching Father’s Day 2015

I understand that not everyone has a Father in their life.

Yes there are many single mothers out there raising children and some are not by choice.

I can already forsee the posts that will be coming. Mother’s Day was last month and ladies that was your day.
Please don’t use this Father’s Day to congratulate each other, bash the fathers that you chose for your children, or just be an ugly person.

Whether you allow the Father of your children in their life or not is a choice some of you have made. Take into consideration this Father’s Day that many children will be waking up and mourning the loss of a father or missing one that is off serving our Country.

If you happen to be someone who’s child/children will not be having a Father around to celebrate then instead maybe take a step back and celebrate someone who is in the life of your child/children who shows a positive role as Father. This person can be a relative, a friend, or a neighbor.

I don’t think its so fair to put all the focus on a biological Father when we have so many others around us and in our lives that show our children and help mold our children into the adults that they will someday become.

Good men become good fathers. Celebrate all the good men in your lives and the lives of your children.

To my son’s friends father “Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for showing my son that dads are cool. Thanks for the attention you show my children when they are visiting in your home. I honestly enjoy listening to them mention you as they chat amongst each other.”

To my Uncle “Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for being that one man throughout my life who was and still is always there and for showing me as I grew up the family scenario I knew I wanted for myself.”

To my Uncle & Grandfather who have passed away “Thank you for showing me at an early age what defines a Father and exactly what and how important his role in a family really is.”

To my children’s Grandfather “Thank you for raising a son with morals and values and for raising him to be such a wonderful father he himself can be when given the opportunity. Thank you for all you continue to do in the lives of your son and our children.”

As far as the Father’s of my children go “Happy Father’s Day to my older daughter’s father. Thank you for being there for our daughter. Thank you for the huge part you have had in raising our wonderful daughter.”

Now the special thanks goes out to the father of my little ones “Thank you for being such a superhero dad to our kids. Thank you for every single thing you do for them. Thank you for the unconditional love and devotion that you have for them. Thank you for showing me that there are incredible men out there that are so dedicated to raising a family.”