Monthly Archives: July 2015

Self Serve Snack Station

Let’s face it we are all busy. It doesn’t matter if you are a Stay at Home Mom, Work at Home Mom, Work Outside the Home Mom we Moms are all very busy and that minute we actually sit down to relax you can bet that there will be a child who “just needs a snack” Sometimes it’s even during the most inconvenient times like when you are elbows deep into mixing a bowl of meatballs or scrubbing the bathroom down. That snack demands everything to your child at that moment and we moms think to ourselves ‘do these kids ever stop eating?’

I’ve been using Self Serve Snack Stations for a little over a year now and I definitely recommend them for every mom.

Considering the fact that a bunch of open bags are just so messy looking and that the food inside usually gets stale really quickly I invested into some air tight containers. I was able to find some at a local big name store within my budget and they come in different sizes that are stackable. Since we are an Autism household they needed to be easy to open and close.

I try my best to stay on the healthy side but I honestly include some kind of chips in at least one container. In the near future I am hoping to add a few containers of dehydrated fruits. I do keep a nice bowl of fruit on the table and often catch them snacking out of it as well.

This has freed up a lot of time personally for me and when I get the chance to sit down with a hot cup of coffee I no longer hear “Mom I need a snack right now”