Walpurgis Review

This is a video review by my 7yr old about Mezco Toyz Living DeadDolls Walpurgis

Langston literally prepared for this video in 5 mins of walking in the door from Back to School Night.

I will be hosting her a little more often as she seems to have wonderful Vlogger potential and hits all the plugs right on point.

overall my personal review for Walpurgis is a 10 star (we rate 1-10 here)

To see what Langston rates her you will need to click the following link

Note this blog has not been sponsored and she picked and purchased this doll with her own Summer money. She gave a special shoutout to Susan Zeidler as she hosted the resurrection IX contest that we won!

3 thoughts on “Walpurgis Review

  1. Super review, very detailed and thorough, nice enunciation and great description, loved watching it, great job Langston !

  2. Awesome!! First of many LDD reviews I hope! And I loved the little happy dance – too adorable. Great job of no “dead air” – even when dad had the doll to help you moved on to the coffin and kept on talking to us – very professional. And the coffin is one of my favorite parts too. Overall – Freaky cool! 🙂

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