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I’m Not Gonna Fight This Feeling Anymore 

I’m genuinely a caring person. If someone I care about is worried my natural instinct is to help them and try to ease the burden that they are carrying. This is why I can’t understand why anyone is going out of their way to be cruel to each other lately. I see a bunch of posts saying that I haven’t deleted any one for their political choice. Well I haven’t deleted anyone because of their political choice. I have however deleted quite a few people because of the things that they support and the things that they don’t. The divide amongst us is greater than anything I have ever seen before. It’s dark and very ugly. 

In advocating for my special needs child and other children and families feelings are very important. In fact “how do you feel about this” is said at almost every single meeting I attend. The last few years I have taken the big step of teaching my children to advocate for themselves which breaks down to expressing their feelings about almost any and every situation they find themselves in. As the caregiver to my son I will be the first to tell you that the hardest years were the years he couldn’t verbally communicate how he was feeling. So basically my entire life is based on feelings. Now being called names for having them and showing them is something I do not understand. 

Nothing has ever been accomplished in life by not doing something about it. I admire people who are passionate and instead of posting for likes on fb and Instagram go out and do something with that passion. 

The town next to mine is right now suffering from lead poisoning. That’s very scary to me as a parent and even just as a person. I have sympathy for the families that are suffering because of this situation. Clean water is very important. 

I already stated that my child has special needs. That sentence alone defines itself. My child’s needs are different from other children. When those needs are met my child flourishes. He is known to score higher educationally when his needs are met than an average child. This is very important to me and I’m very passionate about that. I have fought for almost 8yrs now to educate myself on his rights and I have never been known to be silent about these battles. In fact I get regular support from my friends and family. I am the first person to offer a helping hand to others in a similar situation.

I have many friends and family in the LGBTQ Community. Over the last several years I have watched my friends marry the people they love and many of them have families whose only difference from my own are the gender of the parents. Their families are not anything less than my own. In fact I see their children flourish more than a lot of children born to traditional families. I see the happiness of their children and the incredibly special and beautiful bonds that they have chosen to create in their households. I support that and I stand behind them. 

On Saturday January 21, 2017 I had the joy of witnessing over 3 million people in the United States and many more worldwide stand together united in a peaceful protest that is now known to be the largest ever recorded in our history. For myself and many others this was such a beautiful day. While many were there for different reasons some of which are directly related to the ones I listed above in this post. I support them. It has hurt my soul to see American citizens criticizing the Constitutional right of this March and the people who support it and participated in it. This March was a stand for basic human rights. If you woke up tomorrow and your water was poisened by lead it would be your right to do what it took to resolve the situation. I would support you and I would support your outrage. I would also support your Constitutional right to reach a resolution for your situation. 

This post isn’t about him or her or any choice you made in the polls in November. This post is about us, our families, and our friends and whether or not we can support each other and our rights to have things such as clean water, good educations for our children, and the right to have a family. If you are going to pick and choose what Constitutional rights others can exercise should I be choosing what rights you can exercise? 

So if you insist I will be this little snowflake, but you should know that when you put over 3 million of us together that is one heck of a snowball.