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Family Meetings

Does your family have family meetings? We started doing it a few years ago and the kids really enjoy them. Our favorite meetings are usually held on my bed and anyone is allowed to call one at any given time. Everyone is allowed to speak freely during the meeting and we encourage that the children say exactly how they are feeling. It’s very important not to judge or discipline someone for something they may say during the meeting because it really is a great chance to hear and understand just how each family member is feeling on a regular basis. Use what is said to improve the dynamics of your family and how it works. Remind each other during the meetings that you are all on the same team and the goal is to reach a happy and healthy living environment. Parents prepare yourselves as you may be surprised by some of the things your child has to say. They have become so natural in our home that we look forward to someone shouting “Family Meeting” and we all quickly gather to see what’s going on. WE recently had one just a few nights ago as moving into our new home and all the holiday chaos that was going on I wanted to remind my kids that these meetings and there input are still an important part of our family. I was able to stress the fact that school would be starting back very soon and that I was expecting a better performance behaviorally from both of them. My son expressed that he is not so keen to hear me use a profanity on occasion and I myself will have to work on that. My daughter had us laughing as she took her turn. Her response to my question “What do you think I can do to be a better mom?” was “Well you are doing a really good job and I think that if you could let us celebrate Hanukkah that would make you a much better mom.” I proceeded to inform her about Hanukkah and let her know that we weren’t Jewish and it wouldn’t be right to celebrate a holiday that’s not actually ours. My guess was she was totally down for the daily gifts that would have been received. She is 6 and responded with “well my cousin is Jewish” I then had to explain that it still didn’t make us Jewish.
So think of a few questions and call a family meeting. These meetings should never only be focused on the things that others are doing wrong and I often start them with a few compliments of what improvements that each family member has made to set the tone as relaxed and then we ease into anything that may be bothering us about each other. Now obviously there are a few things that you may want to talk about privately with your spouse/significant other privately away from the children in order to keep your relationship on track. Remember to start off with a few things you enjoy about each other and ease into the things that might be bothering you or causing stress and ill will in your relationships.
At the end of the day we all need to be reminded that we are on the same team and relationships need constant work. If you forget to water your plants on a regular basis they die. Don’t kill your relationships with lack of communication.

DIY Kids Containers

My daughter is a big mess maker. Some days it seems as if she is happiest surrounded by clutter. It drives me crazy. I have tried endless solutions to try to get her to contain her messes.

One of my biggest pet peeves is her homework, coloring, and after school mess.
My house could be spotless and two minutes after she arrives home from school she has pens, pencils, colored pencils, and markers everywhere.

I came up with the idea to try to make something cute that would appeal to her and help contain her mess.
As I went to toss out an empty Coffee Container it hit me. I could transform this at a very small cost.


So I cleaned out the Coffee Container. Grabbed some Clorox wipes and wiped it down. Then grabbed some of my summer spruce up go to Spray Paint and got busy.

After it dried I located a few cute Disney Stickers I had laying around and added them to the container.


The end result was very attractive to her eye. It matches the colors of her bedroom scheme and at the same time holds all her crafting clutter.

I will be saving more containers in the future as they become empty and making one for my son and using them for other clutter messes that get acquired in our household.

Notes From Mom

I have been getting a lot of calls from school that my son just misses mom while he is in school. I have spent a lot of time reassuring him that I actually miss him to but school is important and he just simply has to be there. As I was working last night on prepping some great projects to bring a little joy to my children’s day I came up with a wonderful idea. Notes from mom. When he is at school and having one of those moments wouldn’t it be great to have a note from mom? So I grabbed a Ball Glass Jar, a few Sharpies, some colored pens, paper, scissors, tape, a ribbon, and printed a few inspirational cards and jokes off the internet and got to work.


You could jazz up the jar anyway you choose


I added 5 ‘Golden Tickets’ into the mix. The Golden Ticket gives him the opportunity to choose any activity he desires afterschool as long as he finished the day with a good attitude. He was very excited about the Golden Tickets

After I finished the jar I wrote a nice note to the teacher and explained how it works to her. The jar is to be kept by the teacher and when he is having trouble getting through the day and misses mom and home he can get 1 note from the jar. If he picks a Golden Ticket the teacher will then reserve it until the day is done. If he completed the day in a way that is expected of him then she returns the ticket to him so he can redeem it at home for that one activity of his choice. She can send me a note when we are running low and I will happily refill the jar.


I’m really hoping that this is going to help him through his days. I am also in the process of making a jar of afterschool questions and another that has fun little topics and questions that we can do at dinner time.