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I Trick My Kids Into Drinking Veggies

My son won’t eat anything green. I’m also not the mom who forces my kids to eat anything. However I still manage to get them to have a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables daily by just making them what they call a treat and I call Mom’s Secret Weapon Smoothie.


I keep the Fruit frozen and find that its less likely to go bad and that I don’t need to add any ice. I start off with the frozen fruit on the bottom and start to layer up to the veggies. I give the carrots, apples, cucumbers (anything crunchy) a chop before I toss them in. I put my leafy greens such as Kale and Spinach on the top. I use a vast array of different liquid such as OJ one day and the following day I might use a Coconut Water. After the initial blending I can add more fruit to add a sweeter taste or a little more color.


I put it in a cup with a lid and straw for the kids. Then try to pair it off with some Cheez its, Pretzels, or Popcorn. So at dinner or lunch if they don’t finish their plates or don’t have an adequate appetite for the day I don’t stress about them not getting the proper nutrition they need because they drank it at some point during their day.


Even I enjoy them

Fall Favorite

With the change of season comes all the yummy treats. This fall I am all about quick, easy, and tasty. Whether its after school or a weekend night around the fire pit hot chocolate is always a big hit with my kids. I found a simple way to jazz up their drinks and slightly cool them off as hot chocolate just cant be to hot for the little ones. I put a sheet of wax paper on a platter and created whip cream spirals and froze them. After an overnight in the freezer they were easy to remove from the wax paper and I store them in an air tight container in my freezer. The first day I made them they couldn’t get enough cups of cocoa. When I made another batch I added some sprinkles and some crystal covered sugar to make them look even more enticing.


I will be keeping these on hand for the duration of the fall and winter. The biggest plus is every time I make them a cup of hot chocolate they tell me how I am the best mommy ever.