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Fall Favorite

With the change of season comes all the yummy treats. This fall I am all about quick, easy, and tasty. Whether its after school or a weekend night around the fire pit hot chocolate is always a big hit with my kids. I found a simple way to jazz up their drinks and slightly cool them off as hot chocolate just cant be to hot for the little ones. I put a sheet of wax paper on a platter and created whip cream spirals and froze them. After an overnight in the freezer they were easy to remove from the wax paper and I store them in an air tight container in my freezer. The first day I made them they couldn’t get enough cups of cocoa. When I made another batch I added some sprinkles and some crystal covered sugar to make them look even more enticing.


I will be keeping these on hand for the duration of the fall and winter. The biggest plus is every time I make them a cup of hot chocolate they tell me how I am the best mommy ever.